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Regal Investments is a modern investment firm focused on results. By implementing novel strategies, we have consistently been a leader in our industry. In addition to investment management, Regal Investments offers educational tools and resources to aspiring investors. 
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Regal Investments is a firm established by traders, not bankers. We don't bank on making a living from fees and commissions from managing money, we make a living from trading.

A Firm Established By Traders

Regal Investments is a firm established by professional traders - not bankers. Performance is more important to us than anything else. We don't rely on making earnings from fees and commissions, we strive to have the best returns on investment of all time.
Regal Investments’ vision is one word - prosperity. In an economy where many jobs are threatened by automation, we believe that supplementing traditional income with investment earnings is crucial to the upkeep of a prosperous society.
Regal Investments was founded in 2015. Initially, the firm was offering educational materials on investing to select clients in Canada.​​​​​​​​​​

Direct investment & private wealth management later became available to eligible clients across the world.
"The vision of a leader must be as pragmatic as it is radical" 

- Roble Regal
   President & CEO

Our Values

Regal Investments is a firm founded on values. We strive to have our values reflected in every aspect of our business, from the hiring process to our trading strategies. 

Regal Investments researches everything there is to do with a company - its historical performance, its social media profiles, even its executives’ favorite meals for breakfast.

Our mission is to identify and access the highest quality data using the highest yielding strategies in the industry for every trade. We live no room for guesses.

Regal Investments believes that prosperity is a human right. The ability to enjoy a high quality, nancially stable life is as fundamental as the right to life itself.
At Regal Investments, we take an intimate approach to our investments. We invest in what we believe in and  we are passionate about the success of the companies we invest in. Remaining 
true to our values of community, we maintain close relationships with the companies.
Regal Investments researches an average of 114 positions for every 1 position traded. We do not take chances and all of our risks are calculated with painstaking precision. With every new trade, our criteria for making trade decisions increases.

​We treat trading like it’s a science. Markets are independently researched by our technologies to our standards. We simply refuse to settle for adequate returns, we believe our clients deserve the best.
Our Record
Regal Magic
Every trading day, hundreds of stocks and derivatives are thoroughly researched by our trader and software.
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Regal Investments has not taken a trading loss since BEING FOUNDED. By maximizing the criteria USED TO consider a position and minimizing the number of positions traded, Regal Investments has successfully maintained a perfect trading record.
As we introduce artificial intelligence and other financial technologies into our strategies, the record is expected to remain perfect. This is what we call “Regal Magic”.